Botox Toronto

BOTOX has become a popular way to “paralyze” away wrinkles and help us maintain a younger, fresher appearance. In reality, BOTOX is a neurotoxin that actually prevents muscles from naturally contracting.

BOTOX comes in many forms; cosmetic surgeons in Toronto only utilize clinically approved versions. The name “BOTOX” is a product name for botulinum toxin, type A, which is made by the Allergan Corporation and is the most widely embraced form used to treat patients. MyoBloc (botulinum toxin type B) is made by a different company and seldom used, except in Europe.

Though it has received some negative publicity from overuse, BOTOX can be used to treat any problem, where inappropriate muscle contraction is the problem. In our world of cosmetic surgery, BOTOX is used to more so indirectly help with wrinkles. Some wrinkles are actually caused by muscle contractions that occur underneath the skin. When we paralyze those muscles, the wrinkles cannot happen.

BOTOX is widely used for medical reasons, and often times insurance will pay for treatments, including drooling,  and spastic disorders such as, eye ticks, spasmodic dysphonia, etc. BOTOX  can also be used for conditions most insurance will not pay. It has been proven a reliable treatment for some migraine headaches, severe TMJ, excessive sweating and more. If BOTOX sounds like a viable solution, consider consulting with a cosmetic surgeon in Toronto for an evaluation.

There are some things to consider when it comes to BOTOX treatments… For starters, the effects of each injection will wear off somewhere between 2 to 6 months. At this point, the treatment must be repeated, and will take about 3 days to take effect.

Each individual is different, and the amount of BOTOX injected is unique to each patient. If anyone ever quotes a standard injection amount, leave.  A professional cosmetic surgeon in Toronto may arbitrarily use a starter amount to initiate treatment on a new patient with. Once it begins, one patient may need 10 units to achieve the right result. Someone else may only need 2 units for the same effect. Age, severity of problem, and gender has not seemed to matter. The only known pattern is that the larger the muscle being injected, the larger the dose required.

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