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Best Plastic Surgeon Toronto

We would like to welcome you to the home of some of the best plastic surgeon in Toronto.  Though we are one of many in the Toronto area, we offer our patients a caring and experienced group of plastic surgeons, providing a full array of services, specializing in plastic and reconstructive surgeries, including Rhinoplasty, Laser Surgery, Liposuction, Breast Augmentation and BOTOX.  Included with our surgical dedication, is our desire to give our patients the highest standard of quality care and service satisfaction.

Plastic surgery began back in the 1950s with procedures done on wounded soldiers. Sir Harold Gillies has been considered a pioneer in the art of facial reconstruction. His physical alterations evolved into  what we now call modern plastic surgery. Back in the 50’s, the tools and capabilities were much more limited and barbaric then the state of the art technology available today.

Currently, plastic surgery deals primarily with repair, reconstruction and replacement due to physical defects within human form or function.  Procedures are commonly done on the skin, craniomaxillo facial structures, musculoskeletal system, breast, genitalia, extremities or torso. The cosmetic enhancements of any of these areas are also covered under plastic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery should be considered an essential component and extension of plastic surgery. Our surgeons use cosmetic surgical principles to both improve and optimize reconstructive procedure outcomes and overall patient appearances. This is a delicate field where a special knowledge and skill in the placement and surgery are necessary. Cosmetic surgeons work with skin, using flaps, grafts, free tissue transfer and even replantation. Competence in managing complex wounds, utilizing implantable materials and complex tumor surgery is required, in order for our surgeons to reach out to the needs of all types of patients.

The plastic surgery industry gained renowned in the development of innovative techniques starting with Liposuction, but has since advanced into procedures such as microvascular and craniomaxillo facial surgery and advanced tissue transfers, such as with burn victims. In order to achieve these levels of expertise, all plastic surgeons must participate in specialized studies of anatomy, physiology, and pathology, and other basic sciences. The more knowledge of the body and surgical interaction, the more skilled the hand can often be during surgery.

Competency in plastic surgery is recognized in the medical field as the in-depth study of medical and surgical knowledge. However, our surgeons must also be known for using ethical behavior, excellent operative judgment, problem resolution and high levels of patient satisfaction.

A professional Toronto plastic surgeon does more than facelifts, BOTOX and Liposuction. Our surgeons tend to specialize in a variety of cosmetic procedures. One might work to enhance a patient’s outward appearance, another’s specialization could be reconstructive techniques focused on mobility for patients after a traumatic injury. The specialized field of hand and foot reconstruction is yet another area.

Our cosmetic surgeons specialize in medical procedures that enhance, regain or maintain physical appearance and beauty. Procedures may include everything from body lifts and arm tucks to breast augmentation or Rhynoplasty. We are also capable at doing procedures like breast reduction and patient weight reduction.

Plastic surgeons in Toronto encourage anyone considering a plastic surgery procedure to schedule a consultation. Our professional staff will provide the individual attention necessary, in order to help you achieve the look you desire with healthy expectations, according to one’s personal body type.

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